Kiwi Casino Legality

Online gambling is legal for New Zealand residents, but only when undertaken with foreign operators.

The New Zealand Gambling Act 2003 dictates that online operators authorised by the Lotteries Commission and the Racing Board are permitted to deliver interactive gambling services to residents. However, there is a major exemption for foreign operators.

Legal for External Operators

Based on the current interpretation of the act, as outlined by the Lotteries Commission and the Racing Board, interactive gambling by New Zealand residents is permitted, but only if the gambling operator is situated outside of the country. The national Lotteries Commission is also exempt from the act.

Advertising Illegal in New Zealand

The biggest point of contention within New Zealand is that foreign operators are not permitted to run advertising campaigns that promote gambling. The Department of Internal Affairs is always swift to act against offenders found to be in breach of this legislation. Typically, operators have been caught attempting to broadcast TV campaigns.