Kiwi Online Lottery

After launching in the 1980s, New Zealand residents can now play online lottery games.

New Zealand residents have access to an array of lottery games hosted by the Lotteries Commission. On top of online lottery formats, the Lotteries Commission also hosts Keno twice a day and sells various scratch cards.

Public Funding

Along with giving residents exciting and accessible forms of gambling, the games serve another important purpose. All profits generated by the activities of Lottery Commission are passed to a grants board for the purpose of distributing vital funds public projects, such as community initiatives. Thus far, more than NZK3 billion has been donated.

Birth of Online

The New Zealand first took the decision to establish a national lottery back in 1986, after which the first scratch cards were introduced in 1989. MyLotto is the main online game and players try to match six numbers from 40 balls drawn randomly from a machine. Online sales were first permitted in 2008.

Online Lottery