Online Gambling Tips

Take a moment to learn our basic tips for online gambling, covering safety, finances, strategy, and rules.

At Kiwi Online Gambling, you can expect to discover all sorts of helpful tips relating to a wide range of topics covered in the gaming market. To get you started, here are the basics.

Safe Finances

Online banking gives you the luxury of checking up on your finances regularly. Keep track of your casino deposits and check these against your personal records for any inconsistencies.

Payment Method

Another relevant safety point is to consider your payment method for deposits and withdrawals. Every transaction you perform with a credit card is exposing your account to potential security breaches. An e-wallet such as Neteller or Skrill allows for you to shield sensitive information and make deposits in safety.

Be Wary of Chat

Some online gaming sites, most notably bingo, have chat functions attached to their games. Do not share personal information that can be used by fraudsters in identity theft (for example: name, age, date of birth).

Walking Away

A crucial element of online gambling is to know when to walk away. Winning streaks do not last forever and will soon turn sour if you chase things too far. Chasing losses rarely works out.

Always Know the Rules

You should always consider the rules and implications before placing any bets. There is always the risk of misunderstanding a bet and losing as a result.

Bet Modestly

In the case of casino games, it is unwise to blow your entire bankroll in the space of a few rounds. Online casinos are all about patience, and can eventually reward those who are.