Click2Pay is increasing in popularity with casino players because of its heightened security as an e-wallet.

The international suitability of Click2Pay is highlighted by the payment method’s website intro screen that displays a globe. Aside from impressing, the purpose is also for users to customise the site to their own country.

Intensive Security

Click2Pay is similar to other e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill, but it takes security a little further. For the purposes of verification, users creating a new account have to speak to a member of customer services. This is to prevent any robots from joining.

Cards and Accounts

Like all other e-wallets, new users are required to select either a credit card or bank account as their preferred form of payment. Follow the security instructions and create the link to get the active.

Spending Limit

A star rating is assigned to the accounts of users, which is to effectively denote their spending limit – this is another security feature. Spend more and deposit funds to increase the limit.

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